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Wild wild veggies

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Wild wilder wildest

wild veggies at the market

Wild, spontaneous vegetables are out of time. Modern society has serious trouble how to handle them. Mainly for the price. Which is not a monetary one. Therefore they do not contribute to the BNP. On the other hand there is the health question. Whereas the vegetables are undeniably healthy, one may pick the wrong version. A fact newspapers like to report. 

In Sicily country people load their trucks and bring the vegetables to the cities. As it goes in Sicily, this seems to be tolerated. For who can resist them?

Wild chicory

Verdura amara, bitter vegetables, have queen: cicoria. Native in the  Mediterranean region, it never lost popularity. The slight bitterness contrasts with a long list of beneficial effects. Actually, more than contrast, it heralds health.a

The boiled leaves need little or no seasoning. Though frying them in a pan with oil and garlic is not a bad idea. Wild chicory goes wonderfully well with macco. And triumphs with sausage

wild chicory


wild asparagus

It requires a trained eye to find wild asparagus. And you need to find quite a few to accommodate for a decent meal. That is why the bundles people bring to the market are beyond believe.

An asparagus omelette is an excellent starter or even main dish. Pasta or rice are more than happy to host them.

Wild fennel

Wild fennel is essential to the Sicilian cuisine. No pasta with sardines without fennel. Its unmistakeable taste makes it irreplaceable. Whereas the vegetable is important, so is the water it boiled in. Boil your pasta in that same water and be happy.

wild fennel


beautiful borage

Borage is native to the Mediterranean area. But loved all over Europe. And although the star form flowers are beautiful, you eat the leaves. They require thorough washing. The rough leaves tend to cling to sand. 

Boiled borages has many uses in the Sicilian cuisine. Always culinary though. Sautèed with garlic, as filling for ravioli, frittata.

Borage may be mistaken with mandrake. By shortsighted amateurs only. 

Wild wild dishes

Wild vegetables are healthy. That is beyond dispute. They are by definition fresh. And have proven their properties over the years. Science reluctantly recognizes this but usually adds warnings. As if not all too sure yet. A warning even commonly harmful foods don’t get.

pasta with sardines, a Sicilian classic

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