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What to prepare when your fridge is virtually empty?


The empty fridge syndrome

An almost empty fridge and a deserted pantry are the best cooking school imaginable. Learning how to cook with few, very few ingredients, teaches creativity and respect for the few things you do have.

The garlic and oil solution

The only thing you need from the pantry is pasta, garlic and oil. What’s left over in the fridge is a welcome extra. Some veggies you almost forgot about? Cut them up and invite them to the party! Bone dry bottarga? Grate it. A lemon? Zest it.


Start by boiling your pasta. And while waiting, fry, in a large pan, a crushed but not peeled clove of garlic in abundant olive oil. As soon as the fragrance is released, remove the garlic. Add the pasta to the pan. Make sure to get some cooking water (at least half a cup per serving).


Add your veggies/zest/bottarga after removing the garlic.


Try ‘risottare’ your pasta. Treat it as if it were risotto. Start with raw (better slightly cooked) pasta and add water to the pan. Bit by bit.

Buon appetito

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