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What is the most expensive cheese?


Honest, expensive cheese

Somewhere tucked away between the mountains in the province of Palermo, Sicily, this man makes a breathtaking goat cheese.

The production is local and only a part arrives to the farmers market. There it goes for a ridiculous 8 euros a kilo. No chance for you buying it though. Once you find out in what market it is sold, you’ll have to write your name on a waiting list. Some say that unless a regular custumer dies, the list doesn’t budge. Some say you need a recommendation from high above. Some say it’s a matter of sympathy.

The cheese is traditionally made, on a wood fire — forbidden — with human hands — forbidden, in an improvised kitchen — forbidden.

You may drive to the place where the cheese is produced, you may knock and you may come in. And probably Antonio will gift you some cheese, surely he’ll let you taste it. And you may buy some cheese, at six euros a kilo.

Why is it the most expensive cheese then? Because you have to fly over to Sicily, find the man, and hope he’s in a good mood. I’d say it would take you up to a month before you lay your hands on the cheese. Depending where you live, the price varies between 500 and 3000 for the airline tickets, the staying between 1500 euros (extremely Spartan stay) and 3500 (nice stay). Plus 6 euros for the cheese. So best case scenario: 2006 euros a kilo, worst case scenario 5006 euros.

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