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Sicilian mafia

This is not a powerful group of people basking in the admiration of the local population. They do not throw parties, they don’t go to church to christen babies, they don’t show off their wealth nor power in public.

They are not sought after for protection, they seek you. They do not protect you. You protect yourself against them, paying.

None of the illegal money coming in through racket, extortion, drugs or fraud comes back to the ‘community’.

(Poor area in Messina, today)

The catholic church struggles whether to condemn these criminals or not. They do confess it seems, and fear does the rest.

They do not “fill in” where the state does not interfere but rather destroy what the state tries to protect.

They do not live in sumptuous villas. They live hidden away from everybody but their club members.

(This is where the infamous mafia boss Bernardo Provenzano was captured in 2006)

Their love for family and tradition ends with their own family. Better call it compulsive nepotism.

(Giuseppe Di Matteo, age 12, kidnapped and dissolved in acid…)

People prefer not to speak out because they are afraid. Not out of some kind of pride. The so-called omertà is no more than pure and utter fear. Fear for your loved ones being involved, harassed or killed. There is no heroism involved, only an instinct for survival.

But then again, who wants to see all those boring details in an entertaining Hollywood film?

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