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What is oregano used for in Italian food


Oregano in Italy

Oregano is often used in the Sicilian cuisine. But before going in details, allow me a word of warning. Too much kills dishes. Don’t even think it will be just a bit more ‘oreganoish’. It will be vile, nasty, uneatable.

It is added to roasted or grilled meat and fish. Simple: a dash of olive oil, a squeeze of lemon, a dusting of oregano and you’re ready for paradise.

oregano, dried as it should
rianata pizza, oregano based

Rianata  is a typical pizza from western Sicily. Especially in the province of Trapani.  Pretty straightforward: a pizza topped off with tomato, anchovies and oregano. Seems easy, but it is actually terribly difficult. Too little and you have yourself a bland pizza. Too much and it is ready for the bin.


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