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What are some unusual but good spaghetti toppings?


Unusual but very useful

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  1. A foreign friend asked me for a good yet very simple pasta recipe. So I gave her the recipe for spaghetti with bottarga (cured fish roe) and lemon. A variation on aglio-olio pasta. Why? I had eaten it a couple of days earlier and the effect lingered on.
  2. My foreign friend calls me the following day. The pasta had been a huge success. Standing ovation, all that. Just…she had not found bottarga and replaced it with caviar. Fish eggs for fish eggs. She had cooked for 12 people and spend her monthly cooking budget at once.
  3. I tried it. And it is exceptionally good. Here is how you prepare it: heat an unpeeled clove of garlic in oil. Take it out when it starts to colour. Switch off the heat, wait till it cools down, then add finely stripped lemon peel. Transfer the spaghetti to that same pan and stir gently. Top off with a rich spoon of caviar

Buon appetito

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