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1. Watermelon today

Watermelon evolved. Originally from Africa it is now found all over the world. The aspect remained similar, the inside changed. As seen on Giovanni Stanchi’s paintings. There is approximately 40 percent more flesh. 

Until today people experiment. Noteworthy is the so-called ice melon. The yellowish flesh tastes like fresh shaved ice. Apparently. 

watermelon five hundred years ago

2. China

Watermelon in Chinese characters

China is the biggest producer as well as biggest consumers. By far. Cold melon, air conditioning, the Chinese way to face a hot day.

The first character may be familiar to the mahjong players among you. It stands for ‘West/ern”. Because that is where the watermelon came from.

Another reason for it success is the price. Watermelon is the cheapest fruit on the Chinese market.

3. How to pick a good watermelon

It is easier at the farmers market. They usually bring the ripe melons. At a shop there are three rules to observe. 

  • the melon must feel heavy for its size
  • the yellow blotch must be creamy-yellow
  • tapping must make a deep hollow sound

Ready cut melon goes off fast. So purchase only when eating immediately. Pre cut melon costs averagely three times as much.

watermelon, lovely fruit

4. Watermelon social food

triangles of watermelon

Part of the popularity comes from the size. Too big to eat in solitary. Breaking a melon calls for an occasion. 

The easiest way to cut? Trim off the edges. Cut and half, then quarter. You can then slice nice triangles.

Watermelon is versatile. Do not limit the use to desserts

5. You sexy thing

Yes indeed, the watermelon is an aphrodisiac. Thanks to citrulline. This boosts nitric oxide, which is often a component to eliminating erectile dysfunction. In other words, juicy viagra.

Experts recommend fresh fruit. And normal doses. Eating a melon by yourself does not make you a tiger. A pig, maybe.

a nice watermelon

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