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Water, please

water, please

Tears from the sky

The cycle of water guarantees and endless supply. Or doesn’t it? Sure it does. Not all water is drinkable though. What we serve to the thirsty is special. Water to drink is often created. Filtered, treated and bottled.

Is it tasteless? And is all water alike? Let’s have a look

water from the sky
the small town of Santo Stefano Quisquina in Sicily, furnished water for the Nestlé company

Bottled in Sicily

Sicily produces 1 billion bottles of water a year. This means that businesses collect 63 liter a second.

And yet, profits seems to be marginal. Furnishing towns as Santo Stefano Quisquina are not paved with solid gold. The company running the business, Nestlé, is a bit better off. So it goes.

Yet Sicily has a historical water problem. In summer time taps often remain dry. Emergency plans are yearly updated.

As weak as water

Water has an equal concentration of H+ and OH- ions. Thus, it has neither sour nor a bitter taste, and hence is tasteless.

If not for the minerals. These are present in the sources. They can be filtered out as well as added. Enabling the branding of an otherwise tasteless product. 

lets have a drink
are you drinking too much water?


How much water should we drink? When should we drink it? At what temperature? More than looking for answers, thrust common sense. Drink when you’re thirsty, don’t exaggerate. 

Intoxication and dehydration are extremes. And therefore very unlikely to happen. Especially in develop countries. 

The shape of water

The 1853 invention of an ice machine made the ice trade obsolete. The end of a fascinating period.

People who compulsively crave and consumes ice? Doctors call this pagophagia. This rare form of eating disorder is known as pica.

people cutting ice, ready to trade
tutone aniseed spirit, a nice touch to a glass of water

Tricks of the trade

The mere presence of a slice of lemon makes a difference. Avoid adding juice. It immediately prevails and dominates the taste.

Some drops of ‘zammù‘ does wonders. This Sicilian distillate does wonders. 

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three bottles representing the Sicilian white and red wine, liquor

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