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Visit or not to visit Italy?

visit Italy in corona virus times

1. Hard to get (there)

To visit Italy right now is widely discouraged. And not just by local governments. Many airline companies cancelled flights. Depending where you travel from, the trip may become difficult or even impossible.

With mutual suspicion between visitors and locals, the atmosphere may not be ideal. 

If you have travel insurance, use it. 

An update on tourism, many flights are being cancelled
Update: Lombardy is hard-hit

2. Previsions

Northern Italy holds about 90 percent of the infected cases. The remaining 10% is relatively safe and does not have any restrictions. Panic and fright seem to recognize only national borders. Some of the safety measures reach the whole county. Sport events and events in general have been cancelled or postponed.

3. Planned visit

Do you insist in coming to Italy? Or do you have to? Here is what the Italian government recommend. Keep a 1 meter distance of others. No shaking hands, let alone kissing. And old people have to say inside. Do you still want to come Italy? 

no shaking hands! Not when you visit Italy
visit Vinitaly in July!

4. Happenings

In the thick of it, many manifestations are cancelled or postponed. This may be interesting. There will be a dense offer of activity in the future. Choosing between them will be the real problem. Vinitaly or a concert by Antonello Venditti? Or visit some other cancelled event. Land of opportunities!

5. Courtesy visit

No matter how the situation evolves, come to visit Italy later. This summer for example. It is highly unlikely Italy will be the only country infected with the coronavirus. You might find the beaches a little less crowded. The queues a little shorter. And people truly happy to see you visit them.

visit Sicily, half deserted beaches

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