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United colors of Cauliflower

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Not only white

United in colors they come and yet white prevails. Not a social but a culinary consideration. The name cauliflower derives from cavolfiore, cabbage flower. Because after all, cabbages they are.

The color white is neutral. It does not herald great taste or surprise. That might explain part of the popularity. Research shows that picky eaters prefer beige and white foods. They are less threatening it seems. Interesting since taste-wise there is no difference with the colored cauliflower.

plain white cauliflower, united colors of cauliflower

Mere beauty

fractal cauliflower

Not united in color but by beauty. The Romanesco cauliflower is formed through a logarithmical spiral. The number of spirals is a Fibonnaci number. A vegetable that would have aroused Madelbrot.

This cauliflower taste pretty much the same as the other variations. But it’s beauty is unique. Don’t over-boil, make sure the keep the structure intact. They are ideal as a side dish or salad. A drizzle of olive oil, a squeeze of lemon. No more.

United colors

What colors does cauliflower come in? The purple type is known as Catanese. After the Sicilian city under Mount Etna. The color is due to the presence of anthocynanins. A source of numerous health benefits. The intense color fades with boiling. Green cauliflower is also known as broccoflower. Wide spread and loved in Sicily. 

The orange cauliflower contains beta-carotene. And it is apparently a mutated version. It keeps its particular color when boiled. An interesting vegetable to work with. Especially when it comes to plating.

united colors of cauliflower

How to use different cauliflower

united colors of cauliflower

Taste-wise there is little difference between the various colors. They are united by taste.

The fractal version merits to be seen. So serve them intere and without sauce. The purple cauliflower loses its color when boiled. Better serve them raw with a dip. 

Green cauliflower is very similar to the white one. They are staple in Sicily. And therefore the base of some iconic recipes. As ‘broccoli arrimminati‘ in the picture.

United in diversity

Cauliflower has a nice taste. Whereas the smell may overwhelm, the taste is mild. Heavy sauces cover this irrevocably. A pity for the sauce, a pity for the vegetable.

Cauliflower doesn’t like excessive boiling. It kills the texture and taste. If you like mushy bland veggies, do boil them mercilessly.

When boiling cauliflower, don’t drain the water. Use it for pasta, potatoes or rice.

fractal cauliflower

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