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beautiful chest for traveling

1. Traveling is getting a little lost

Knowing where you are is the opposite of traveling. Dedicate at least half a day in an area not covered by your guidebook. Pretty easy really: walk of the map and be happy, don’t look for anything in particular, don’t try to orientate, don’t be in a hurry. Relax, walk around and absorb the city. You might very well discover places or customs the guides forgot to talk about.

get lost when traveling, and do not get upset | enjoy your stay

2. Visit a supermarket when traveling

enjoy your stay | visit a supermarket when traveling; stroll along the aisles

Visit to a local supermarket, not necessarily a small one. This tells a lot about local culture, on what people eat, wear and spend their money on. Use the shopping bag to store your valuables in when walking around in the city: thieves rarely snatch a supermarket bag out of the hands of a tourist.

3. Get a new haircut 

What better souvenir than a new haircut. Not speaking the same language gives it a daring touch although very little can go wrong. And even in the worst case scenario, you’ll have something to recount when back home. You might want to get a tattoo. But don’t tell your mom I suggested that.

new haircut when traveling? a nice souvenir, innit?

4. Do as the Romans

bas relief of romans happily drinking wine in a tavern

Don’t be a sheep and copy what others do. Show some personality, be brave. Remember you are on a holiday, so relax. If the locals have a rest in the afternoon, do so too. Ice cream for breakfast? Why not. Racing through the city as a furious maniac on wheels? Control wether your insurance covers accidents and then step on the accelerator.

5. Take a bus

Hop on the first city bus that passes and stay there. With some luck it will loop back to where you boarded it. If it stops at the depot somewhere in the periphery, try to get back. Take your time, use your skills and remember you’ll tell your friends about the adventure when back home.

take any old bus to get around the city

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