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Toothsome Tomato Salad

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What's in a name?

Very toothsome indeed. The word tomato derives from the original south American (Nahuati) name ‘tomatl’. A nice recognition, for sure. 

The French initially named it  ‘pomme d’amour’, love apple, since it was considered an aphrodisiac. Changing ‘love apple’ in ‘tomate’, must be one of the worst marketing moves in history.

Al least the Italians show some inventive spirit in calling it ‘pomodoro’, golden apple. A sweet, sunny and inviting name

toothsome tomatoes

Besides tomato

Basil and tomato protect each other when growing. And taste-wise they are a match made in heaven.

Oregano is a valid alternative. Fresh or dried. It gives your salad a southern touch. Choose between basil an oregano, you can’t have both.

Use good, the best olive oil you can lay your hands on. You need about a spoonful, so don’t worry about the cost.

Salt is salt. So when using fancy, more expensive salt, tell your guests. 

Toothsome triviality

Toothsome triviality on tomatoes. 

  • The tomato is a fruit
  • Tomatoes were first (widely) eaten in times of famine. Until then it was an ornamental plant. It would be like start eating grass today
  • Tomato eating moved from the popular classes upward (from rags to riches)
  • Initially tomatoes were prepared together with chili peppers, another item on the Spanish loot-list
  • The riper the tomato, the tastier (increased level of glutamate)
toothsome tomato

Save our Salad: insalata Caprese

toothsome caprese

As it often goes with classic dishes, the origins are vague. Where it really patriotic bricklayers starting the tradition. Eating the Italian flag for lunch. Toothsome..

Or could it be an homage to Filipppo Tommaso Marinetti? The artist who wrote the ‘Futuristic culinary Manifest’ in 1931. A man who loathed pasta and carbs. 

Whatever the origin, this is a complete dish, with or without bread. Don’t tell Marinetti, but mopping the mixed juice with fresh bread…

Toothsome to excess

Try not to overdress your tomato salad. Very often, when it comes to food and dressing, less is more. Bottled dressing covers more than adding taste. 

Then there is the health factor. These toothsome dressings are high in sodium and sugar. And often contain saturated fat. Just enough to annihilate the benefits of raw veggies.  

And if you cannot resist, make your own dressing. Nasty but better than the store -bought version. 

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