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The Sicilian Pope

banner of the papal state

1. Agatho

Agatho was 103 years old when he became pope. Born in Palermo in 575 he ruled the Vatican for three years. And yet, he left a footprint.

He managed to keep East and West united. Mainly through the theme of MonotheliteThis made Jesus divine as well as human.

Pope Agatho, an old wise man

2. Leo II

pope Leo II

Another Sicilian succeeded pope Agatho. Leo II was born near Enna, in Aidone. His rule was brief. He died before he could blow out his first candle.

In this short period Leo transferred the relics of martyrs away from the catacombs. He dedicated two churches, St. Paul’s and Saints Sebastian and George.

He cursed his native town for having neglected his mother. Aidone is often covered in a thick mist. Known as Leo’s curse.

3. Pope Sergio

Yet another Palermo citizen. Elected when he was only 37 years old. He ruled from 687 to 701.

He clashed hard with the Byzantine brothers. And eventually ruled away from their influence.

Let’s remember him for having introduced the sing of ‘Agnus Dei‘ in Mass. 

Sergio is now a Saint in the Roman Catholic church.

Sicilian Pope

4. Pope Stephan III

pope Stephan 2

Call him a diplomat. Born in Syracuse he was pope from 752 to his death in 757.

Stephan had two rivals, the anti-popes. Constantine and Philip. Amongst the turmoil he was often a mere bystander.

His native city started a cult after his death. But the Holy Seed never endorsed his sainthood.


5. Pope Conon

Probably not the most famous pope. He ruled for only one year. And mainly as a third candidate. The two rival sections accepted him as a compromise

Due to the frequent Caliphate’s raids, he move to Rome. A five hundred mile walk.

Conon was a handsome man. And therefore admired by many.  Enough to make it to our list


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