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Sweet Tomatoes

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What is wrong with sweet tomatoes? A modern adagio says that knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit. And wisdom is not putting them in a fruit salad. While philosophy would be wondering if ketchup therefore is a actually a smoothie.

We not only want to toss some tomatoes in a fruit salad, We want to take it a notch further. So for all the open-minded people, here we go


Sweet tomato: Ice Tomato

Ice tomatoes

This is a recipe that comes all the way from China. But since it uses straightforward ingredients, it is highly adaptable.

Pop the tomatoes in boiling water first, ice water next. Peel the tomato and cut it in eight wedges. Remove the hard center and the seeds. 

Sprinkle sugar over the tomatoes and mix carefully. Use about 15 grams for every tomato. Serve your ice tomatoes, indeed, ice cold. Sweet tomatoes are an excellent afternoon snack.

Sweet tomato cake

A slice of tomato cake is surprising. Unexpected. Pleasing.

This cake contains tomato sauce as well as fresh tomatoes. Use plain, very lightly salted tomato sauce. Mix it in the shortcrust dough. Together with some diced fresh tomato. It gives the shortcrust an interesting texture.

Once you stretched out the dough, cover it with finely sliced tomato. And don’t worry these will color brown in the oven. This only adds to the final taste. Sweet tomatoes cake is excellent at the end of a dinner.

sweet tomato cake

Sweet tomato: ice cream

frozen tomato

There is ice cream and then there is sorbet. Both extremely yummy but very different in texture and even in taste.

For the ice cream you need cream. And cream tends to push the tomato flavor to the background. So be it. It is a lovely dessert that positively surprises your guests.

Sorbet instead contains tomato, water, sugar and some basil leaves. Some add lemon juice to enhance the tartness. That is very much up to you.


So easy, so tasty. Most work goes to peeling your tomatoes. Remove most of the seeds, but leave some in. For every kilo of tomatoes, use half a kilo of sugar. Let is sit and rest in a covered pot for at least two hours.

Only then heat the mixture on a slow fire. Let it simmer for half an hour, stirring regularly. Half way through add the juice of half a lemon and zests.

Excellent for breakfast or to accompany seasoned cheese.

tomato jam

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