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Sicilian pesto with nuts recipe

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Pesto Siciliano: go nuts

Pesto Siciliano is made with the nuts that remain from winter reserve. Sicily produces excellent pistachio, and they too can be blended in this pasta. Since they are rather peculiar they do deserve a dish of their own, where they express their full potential. If you have any other variety at your disposal, please try. Well, maybe coconut is a bit over the top

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Do not forget to add 1 cup of cooking water when blending the pesto with the pasta. Stir until the creamy. If you are going to store it for a rainy day, freezing is a good option. When it has to sit in the fridge for some days, top it off some olive oil, preventing oxidation. Apart from seasoning pasta, this pesto can be used to fill chicken rolls or simply smeared on bread. You’re welcome.

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