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Shrimp crudité by Giuseppe Costa

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Shrimp crudité, curly endive and peach

shrimp crudité with curly endive and peach

Photo credit: Antonio Curti

Shrimp crudité at ‘Il Bavaglino’ restaurant.

An interesting fresh dish combining sea and land, shrimp and peach. One of Giuseppe Costa‘s signature dishes.



  • 75g peach peels
  • 20g peach juice
  • 20g EVO oil
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • cane sugar

Peach jelly

  • 250g of peach juice
  • 4g of Kappa thickener


Bring the juice to boil. Let it cool down and cut to measure.

Start by spreading the curly endive. Arrange the other ingredients carefully considering the endive and chromatic aspects. Finish the plate with a light dusting of salt and pepper

This particular dish expresses and extraordinary fragrance. The taste is characterised by a persistent sweet tendency, due to the shrimp and peach.

The dish goes ideally with a fresh and sapid white wine. Luigi Salvo‘s pairing advice: a Catarratto wine from hilly vineyards.

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