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Salsiccia Sicilian Style

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Raw material

the raw material -pork- before salsiccia is born

Salsiccia is a pork product. The lean meat comes from shoulder, loin and tight. Pancetta – bacon – supplies the yummy fat part. Sausage purist cut the meat up rather than using a grinder. Pretty demanding but well worth the effort.

The meat is then mixed with salt, pepper and fennel seeds. Some white wine makes the mixing easier.

Butchers used to offer kids some raw sausage. A treat that is no longer allowed. But if no one is watching..

How to cook salsiccia

So if not raw, how do you eat Sicilian sausage? There are two main ways to prepare proper salsiccia. Grilling, on a barbecue is one. Whereas the crust is definitely a pro, losing much of the fat is a con. 

Alternatively one can bake or stew the sausage. And witness the wonderful exchange of flavours. 

Give your sausage time to cook through. Therefore avoid excessive heat.

salsiccia alla brace, roasted sausage

Salsiccia and potatoes, a heavenly match

salsiccia e patate

Salsiccia and patate, sausage and potatoes. They are a match made in heaven, specially when cooked together. There is the classic oven recipe. Sausage, potatoes and onion sit in the oven for 45 minutes at 185 degrees. Rosemary is welcome.

Our dear friend Vittoria passed us yet another irresistible recipe. Sausage and potatoes in tomato sauce. Diced potato and sausage simmer in tomato sauce. A one pot meal with great class. Highly recommendable for Sunday lunch. Thanks Vic!

Variations on a theme

Sicilian like to wheel the sausage up when barbecuing. It allows to insert wedges of onion. And makes flipping easy.

An interesting alternative is breading the salsiccia. Cut 15 cm long piece three quarters through. Pass in oil, then breadcrumb. Avoid adding herbs since the sausage is already very savoury.

pasta with sausage

Pannino con salsiccia

panino con la salsiccia

A classic sandwich. Cut the sausage three quarters through, as with breaded sausage. Grill the sausage. Some grill the sandwich and add sauces. 

An excellent adding are friarielli. Or other slightly bitter vegetables such as chicory or cavoliceddu. They contrast well with the sweetness of pork.

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cutting board with cold meat, a chili pepper and a knife: very Sicilian indeed

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