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Restaurant that’s not what I ordered


Wrong restaurant order

At a restaurant, have you ever been deceived by the name of a dish?

Stretching the idea of restaurant: a quarter pounder with cheese deluxe. That cheese was not deluxe at all.

Now for real restaurant I am afraid having to stretch the idea of ‘name’ a bit. The menu was written in Polish, a language I unfortunately do not read nor speak. A young waiter helped us out with the listed dishes: we indicated a name and he’d mime it. His miming was dreadful. Even his animal calls were incomprehensible. Try to imagine a guy waving his arm wildly will croaking (we reckoned it was a dragon) or standing on one leg softly whistling (flamingo? Really). The fish was easy to guess, and his quail was cruel yet efficient (chicken, small, shotgun). Since the other guests were clearly annoyed by our not speaking Polish we renounced to further excellent entertainment and ordered.

The food was marvellous. My flamingo was braised in beer and tasted very much like goose. My girlfriend’s dragon turned out to be trout. Unexpected but excellent.

Not knowing what you are eating results in spending more time figuring out what’s on your plate. You tend to observe, smell and consider the texture more than when you know what you are eating. I very much recommend a trip to Poland to a town that starts with eight consonants. Ask for the miming waiter.


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