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Quarantine, 5 things to do


1. Quarantine

Quarantine or forty days of isolation. Today a possible ordinance in order to contain the spread of the covid-19 virus. The name derives from the Venetian dialect, and means forty days. When the 1350 plague devastated Europe, Venetians introduced the idea. Actually, they prolonged the existing thirty-day-wait with ten more days. So ships had to wait forty days before entering Venice. 

quarantine is a word deriving from the Venetian dialect meaning forty days
playing cards

2. Games

Games are invented to give a sense to spare time. There is an endless choice, only limited by imagination. A deck of cards, a couple of dice, pen and paper. Few features that can change a long wait into a never ending bliss. Wether playing solitary or in group, keep it real, never virtual.

Enjoying a game with friends or family is very much like being in quarantine. Closed in a room and not even wanting to get out. 

3. Books

Books are conceived to let time time. This might be the right time to rediscover reading. Letting your mind travel while staying inside. If you do not possess any books, let the internet help you out. And consider to listen to a book –audiobooks. The variety of books is embarrassingly wide. As an alternative you may write your own. The quarantine pages? 

read a book, now you're in quarantine
Learning a language requires time, quarantine offers you that time

4. Quarantine learning

You always wanted to learn a foreign language but never had time. Now you do. Many on-line courses are free. And you may practice by watching clips or films in foreign languages. By the time the alarm blows of, you’ll be ready for holidays. ‘I’ll have a pina colada’ sounds so much better in lingo!

5. Quarantine cooking

Take all the time you have to cook. Learn new techniques. Explore the realm of ingredients. Think outside the box. Quarantine is the time where home cooking flies high. As we all now, dire time produce real innovation. People started eating tomatoes in famine. The till then ornamental plant became an instant success. Let your curiosity run wild.

experimental cooking in quarantine

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