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Porta Maqueda

Porta Maqueda

What's in a name: Porta Maqueda

The Italian word ‘Porta’ translates as door. And that sums it up quite well: the door to the Maqueda street. Because it is not a simple, mere door, but rather something as Stargate that brings you to a new dimension. The magic is immediate, once inside you find yourself in what seems a parallel world.


Opening the windows and facing the Massimo theatre is an unforgettable experience. First of all because the theatre is so unique, so particular you never grow bored of watching it. But probably even more exiting is the fact that you know to belong to a very small group who can do this. This exclusivity lingers on in the whole structure. The feeling of being somewhere soft, protected by beauty.


There are five rooms only. And only one can be the best: the suite. If you want to experience what luxury feels like and don’t want to spend a patrimony, this is your place. The owner, Armando, will gladly show you around. A perfect host indeed.


Having breakfast with a beautiful view adds something the an already copious and tasty offer. Armando’s wife personally bakes the cakes, and she sure knows how to do it. Fresh fruit and local products make this fine breakfast unforgettable.


The Massimo theatre is the most central place in the city. And staying there has many advantages: you’re close to whatever you want to visit. The area around the Massimo theatre is very international, with a variety of shops and restaurants. If you want to visit other cities, Armando will gladly help you booking a rental car.

Porta Maqueda

This is the ideal place to spend some romantic days. Feeling even more important than you actually are. Or just spend a special night. Nudge nudge, wink wink.

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