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1. What's all the fuzz about

Peach in Spanish translates as fuzzy apple, melocotòn. Other languages, as English, refer to the place of origin, Persia. The Persians call them hooloo.

In Chinese culture peaches symbolize happiness, longevity and love.

You’re a real peach‘. This originated from the tradition of giving a peach to someone you liked. So it goes.

juicy fuzzy peaches

2. China

longevity peach in China

China is the biggest producer of peaches, by far. And apart from the fruit, they harvest the flowers. They are at the base for beverages and desserts. Products made from peach flowers would stimulate love life. Elixirs of love.

Chinese people relate peaches to longevity. Peach buns are hence an excellent birthday present. 

3. Sexy peach

The peach represent female sexuality. Smooth, juice and with a clear hint to genitalia. A slight blush on the cheeks.

The British band The Stranglers were banned over peaches. The lyrics of the song  Peaches was all too explicit. Walking on the beaches, looking at the peaches…

Elixirs made of blossom enhance sexuality. So they say.


sexy peach, juicy and tasty

4. War and peach

war of peaches, what stealing a peach can lead to

A war over peaches? Yes indeed, in 1655. A young Indian girl was caught stealing peaches. The Dutch owner of the orchard shot her. So the Susquehannock and other native Americans declared war.

In the attack the Indians killed over a hundred Dutchmen. And captured even more. 

Many Dutch colonist fled the settlements. Peter Stuyvesant himself got involved.

5. Random facts

Momotarō or  peach boy is a Japanese hero. 

Peaches and nectarines are the exact same fruit. The nectarine is hairless though.

To impeach has nothing to do with the fruit. To charge before a competent tribunal with misconduct in office. 

Georgia, USA, is the Peach state. Although California grows more. 

Peaches can be cooked and eaten raw. May we suggest mixing them in your red wine?

During World War I gas masks were equipped with carbon. And the carbon used? Yes, from peach pits.

peach pti carbon for gasmasks

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