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Pasta and potato recipe

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Pasta with potatoes

Pasta with potatoes is an unexptected dish. The potato is an accompanying vegetable rather than staple food. It is a typical winterdish in Sicily. Ideal for your spring or autumn.

what kind of potato to use

Here is a choice you will have to make in your life: firm or mushy. The result will be visibly different, taste wise little changes. What does matter is to make sure your potato is cooked through. And although you’ll add cheese to the dish, make sure not to be stingy on the salt. Potatoes have the tendency to be very insipid when under-salted. You can add any seasoned cheese to this dish. Try not to use a too intense one in order not to cover the taste.

free advice

If you calculations were abundant and some pasta remains, do not worry. Reheated the follow day – or in the following days – turns into a treat. First because you do not have to prepare. Finding a bowl with a leftover potato pasta when scrutinizing the fridge is no less than finding a treasure. Frying the pasta up will be conceived as feasting. Secondly because the pasta acquires a lovely deeper taste and the potato bits gets all crusty.

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