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Some history

None other than Aphrodite created oregano. The goddess of sexual love and beauty planted it in her garden on the slopes of Mount Olympus. Hence the word. The Greek oros translates as mountain, ganos as joy. Hence the joy, the marvel of the mountains.

With mighty Aphrodite as a promotor, the herb became popular in Greece. And soon after in the whole Mediterranean area. 

it was Aphrodite who first planted oregano in her garden

Amaraco, marjoram and oregano

oregano vs marjoram

Marjoram is similar to oregano. Both contain carcacrol, though marjoram a little less.

The Spanish word for marjoram is amaraco and refers to a tragic hero. This young Cypriot, Armaraco,  managed to create the best perfume ever. Over-eager to bring it to the king, he dropped the phial. And died of grief. The Gods pitied the young man and gave birth to marjoram. A plant with a divine fragrance.

Therapeutical oregano use

The medicinal use of oregano goes way back.  And the list of benefits is long. It has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. People use it to cure rheumatism, toothaches and coughing fits. 

Feed it to your lover and enjoy. It is Aphrodite’s herb after all.

The nickname ‘good-mood‘ herb is telling. A green anti-depressant as well. Some even use it to evoke psychic dreams.

aphrodisiac effect

Oregano in the kitchen

la rianata, a oregano flavoured pizza from Trapani, Sicily

Oregano is an emblematic herb in the Italian cuisine. From seasoning tomato sauces and on pizza, to vegetable dishes and for adding flavour to grilled meat. 

We have to mention la rianata, a typical pizza from Trapani, Sicily. As well as insalata vastasa.

Or just sprinkle it on fresh cut tomatoes. Tasty, healthy and …pleasing for your partner.


This is a life changer when barbecuing. Mix olive oil, garlic salt, oregano and lemon. And use dried oregano as a brush. The magic wand for swordfish and meat. Also miraculous on veggies.

American soldiers loved it during WWII and contributed to the popularity of the herb in the USA.

Brush before, during and after roasting. Some add a chopped chili pepper.  

salmoriglio, oregano on the barbecue

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