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Orange wine

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Red, white and rosé

white, rosé and red wine

What is orange wine? Well, that’s all in the skin. White wine has no contact with the skin. So it really doesn’t matter using white or dark grapes. For  orange wine it does. So white grapes sit with the skin from one to six months.

Just as red wine. Although the contact is shorter. Skin and juice sit together between a a week and a month. And rosé? Rosé has short contact with the skins. That can be just hours.


Orange wine is not orange wine

Orange wine refers to the hue. Not to the fruit. Mixing orange with sparkling wine is something else. It becomes a mimosa. Some power the drink up with triple sec.

And using champagne, the drink becomes royal

The term was only recently coined by a wine dealer. So it goes.

orange not wine

Fabio Ferracane's Macerato

orange wine Macerato by Fabio Ferracane

Macerato by Fabio Ferracane.

It’s a wine that brings back memories. But also a wine we actually remember, an evolution of the kind of wine the local peasants once produced in the Marsala countryside.

Tradition and innovation come together in a glass of wine. Telling the ancient story of the intense relationship between the winemaker and his land. A glass of wine that observes the peasant history of a past-time Sicily through the eyes of the present.

Di Giovanna's Camurria

Camur-ria /kamu’r:ia/ Sicilian for ‘trouble’ Sicilian sun and wind, organic grapes and a long maceration on the skins, spontaneous fermentation in neutral barrels. 

The organic grapes are hand-harvested mid-September, destemmed and macerated on the skins for 5 days. The wine ages in stainless steel and neutral barrels, on the fine lees for 9 months before bottling, unfined and unfiltered.

Yet another excellence by Di Giovanna

orange wine by Di Giovanna

What to eat with orange wine?

map of Sicily

Orange wine pairs well with  with dishes of Japanese cooking and Asian in general. Orange wines also pair well with important fish dishes both raw and cooked, smoked fats, white yard meat, lamb or goat.

Vegetarians can accompany orange wines with rich classic soups of the Mediterranean cuisine, or a little more elaborate dishes such as eggplant parmigiana.

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