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Olio di oliva Siciliano

Sicilian olive oil, olio di oliva Siciliana

1. Biancolilla

Biancolilla is probably the oldest existing olive variety in Italy. It may originate from Caltabellotta, Agrigento. The name derives from two colours the olives display. White (bianco) and lilac (lilla). 

It resists colder temperatures and grows well in the hills.

The oil, olio, is lightly fruity. With tones of almond, artichoke and tomato. 

Biancolilla are auto sterile. They need the presence of other species. Cerasuola or nocellara.

Sicilian olive ready for oil: biancolilla

2. Cerasuola

olives waiting to be turned into oil

Cerasuola is the most spread variety in Sicily. These olives produce oil. Exclusively. 

Trees resist long dry periods. And they are ideal in the pollination process for other varieties.

The yield of these olives is very high. Up till 20%.

This green or yellow oil maintains its taste and nutritive values very well. The presence of beta carotene and unsaturated fats make it a healthy oil.

3. Belice olive oil

To whom it may concern: the accent goes on the ‘i’. This is a very old variety, dating back to Magna Graecia. The tree is ubiquitous in the in Western Sicily. 

The oil is intense green and has a low acidity. The taste reminds fresh cut grass, green tomatoes and a hint of almonds.

Olio from this variety has a high smoking point. Therefore ideal for frying, too.

olives waiting to be turned into oil

4. Delicious olive oil

olives waiting to be turned into oil

This is not an interesting variety of olives. The tree does not root easily. Once it does, it withstands low temperatures and needs little water. They grow up to 1000 meter above sea level. 

The ‘olio’ has a very low acidity. While mature olive flavour the oil sweet, younger olives give it a fruity taste. 

The presence of polyphenol ensures the antioxidant quality. 

5. Messina olive oil

Probably not the best known variety of olives. The trees don’t like low temperatures. They grow along the coastline, especially in Messina. The olives are big. They are used both for oil as for direct consumption. The oil yield goes up to 20%. Olio Messinese is yellow gold. The flavour balances between spicy, bitter and sweet. Experts detect fresh cut grass, almonds and artichoke. It is an excellent oil to accompany dishes with a strong, decisive taste.

olio da messina, Sicily

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