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sun, palm trees, a beach and the sea

Getting there

The gulf of Mondello and Monte Pellegrino seen from east to westThe geographical position of Mondello is truly interesting. Tucked away in a bay facing the Tyrrhenian Sea, its back covered by Monte Pellegrino is not bad to start with. The distance between coast and the city centre, considering that Mondello is a borough of Palermo, is just far enough to make it a trip, usually a day trip. Walking all the way is out of the question and riding a bike is culturally inapt. That leaves three options: motorbike, car or bus.


A ride on a motorbike is highly recommendable, especially if you drive through the ‘Favorita Park’. The advantage? Feeling the freshness of the park on a torrid day. The idea of driving through a green tunnel is even stronger on a motorbike. And last but not least, you can park basically where you please. On the other hand remember that  the number of passengers on a motorbike can not -should not – exceed two. If you rent a motorcycle, this is trip to undertake.


With a car one can take the highway, listen to the radio and enjoy the polar flow of the airco blasting away. You can, as it custom, bring your food along. Pasta al forno is a classic. Do not forget the watermelon for dessert! Parking your vehicle, especially in summertime is the downside.


Taking a bus, well, it is an option. If you are under 16 and live in the conviction there’s no tomorrow, it might even be fun. Bus drivers working on the Mondello route have an increased 50 percent of heart disease and 75 percent more chance of falling into mental illness than their colleagues doing city routes. The main advantage is that you can bring whatever fits on the bus. And parking is not an issue.


Mondello beach at the shore in summer time, facing EastWealthy people own a house in he borough of Mondello. Some live there all year round though most transfer the whole caboodle only for summertime. Still wealthy people, but a trifle less, rent a house for the summer, exchanging a comfortable flat in the city with a tiny house. The appeal of being in Mondello, maybe having friends from the city coming over, is mighty impressive. Not having to endeavor a daily trip makes it desirable for some. The beach, although a pretty long stretch from one to the other point of the bay, is perennial overcrowded, daytrippers being the main reason. While the space on the beach is unsustainable, the combined smell of sun lotion and burned sandwiches intolerable and the heat unbearable, a dive in the turquoise blue sea makes it all worthwhile.

Spring and autumn

the iconic Charleston gently bathing shades of blue with the Belgian flag waving on topBefore the beach transforms in a bedlam and the temperature is still mild, Mondello is little short of paradise.

The entire beach is free. Apart from weekends, especially on Sundays, it is quite empty and extremely pleasant.

Same goes for the months following the sultry summer months. None of the frenzy, none of the improvised sellers of bauble, questionable restaurateurs, pickpockets and beach rats. In those months Mondello oscillates between lazy and laid back, splendrous and sublime.


Rays of sun shining through a dark clouds on a calm seaIt should be pointed out that Palermo does not really have such a thing a winter. The temperature may drop to ten degrees and rains now and then falls.

The coldest month of year is February, and usually also the only winter month. Having a walk along the sea is one of the most relaxing activities known to mankind. Having a cup of hot chocolate milk afterward is a valid option. The melancholic atmosphere accompanies you along the shore. Mondello in winter time does to people what spring does to a cherry tree.

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