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Modern Sicilian Singer

modern sicilian singers

1. Franco Battiato

The true modern Sicilian singer. By excellence. Though the man died in May 2021.

Apart from a singer he painted, made films, composed and even had a brief political carrier.

His songs contain important themes and elaborate lyrics. Yet he was wildly popular and ever since he died, his music gained popularity. 

Born in Ionia, near Catania.

Video 'Centro di gravità permanente'

2. Alborisie, modern Sicilian reggea singer

Video Kingston Town

Alberto D’Ascola was born in Marsala. With a stop-over in Bergamo he now lives in Kingston, Jamaica. That is where be feels home, were he belongs.

Though initially Jamaican called him Borosie, not exactly a friendly nickname. But he added Al, form Alberto to his now artist name.

He won a MOBO award in 2012. Ever since he toured the world. Alborosie is the Italian reggae ambassador.

3. Mario Biondi

With his highly recognisable voice, Mario Biondi is now a star. Before stepping in the limelights he sang in small choirs. For Italian artists first. And once he perfected his English, he went global. 

Catania born. World citizen. This modern singer brings a style that reminds Barry White, Isaac Hayes and Lou Rawls.

Just for the record. Biondi sings, writes and arranges music. 

Video Love is a Tempe

4. Lorenzo Fragola, Sicilian talent show singer

Video d'improvviso

How do you become a modern singer nowadays? Winning a talent show does the trick. Lorenzo Fragola won the Italian X-factor and has ever since be popular. 

Lorenzo is a modern artist. The song that launched him came out as a digital download. It was one of the most download songs in recent years.

5. Carmen Consoli

Carmen Consoli is an established name in the Italian music scene. She too was born in Catania. With eleven albums and intensive touring she never fades.

A regular participant of the San Remo Festival. Where she was awarded three times.

And in 2012 she was knighted. So she could present herself as Cavaliere Carmen Consoli. But nonetheless the excellent alliteration she wouldn’t.

Video L'ulitmo Bacio

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