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Magic Mayonnaise

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1. Spicy mayonnaise: hot magic

The magic of mayonnaise is overwhelming. The big choice is whether to buy or make your own. What we are after though is the seasoning. Bear in mind that making it fresh is easy.

Adding wasabi not only colours your mayo spectacularly green. The sharpness is unique. Excellent with simple salads and as dips. A valid yet colourless alternative to wasabi is horseradish.

Mixing chili sauce or flakes results in a deeper spiciness. And it is ideal to serve with meatballs. While black pepper gives mayo a homely warmth. And matches fried foods.

magic mayonnaise: wasabi

2. Salsa Rosa

salsa rosa

Salsa rosa or pink sauce is what happens when you mix mayonnaise with ketchup. Whereas Italians don’t go mad for mayo nor ketchup, combined it is a highly requested. On fries and especially on panini

The Italian style sauce does not require other ingredients. More sophisticated souls add a tea spoon of cognac

The real magic happens when pink sauce enriches prawn cocktails. An eighties classic.

3. Magic mayonnaise: garlic

No, this is no aioli. This is but a garlicky mayonnaise based dressing. Use finely chopped fresh garlic or powder. A pinch of salt and a thorough mix.

For a  lighter version, use yogurt. Greek, plain yoghurt. And some chives. This magic sauce often comes with Middle Eastern roasted meats. Magic kebab comes to mind.

When using fresh garlic, don’t forget to remove the green sprout. It gives a bitter, unpleasant taste to the sauce.

magic mayonnaise: garlic

4. Oriental curry

magic mayonnaise: curry

Mayonnaise with curry powder is a sound bridge between Europe and India. The result somehow amazes both. But that is what bridges do. One teaspoon of curry per 30cl of mayo is enough. Here too mayo can be cut with yoghurt.

The sauce goes well with roasted meat and vegetables. Or as an accompanying sauce on your burger. Pure magic.

Mustard is often an ingredient of mayo. Extra mustard, mixed in, is interesting. Different mustard, different sauces. Even the mildest mustard gives this sauce a kick. Ideal with boiled meat.

5. Magic mayonnaise: orange mayo

Mayonnaise is an emulsion. Oil, egg and vinegar or lemon juice forming a smooth cream.

Whereas the best oil is tasteless, the other ingredients have options. Replace lemon with orange juice. Or mix them half half. TheExcellent for more subtle dishes. 

The world of vinegar determines the outcome of mayonnaise. Apple vinegar for mild mayos while wine vinegar gives mayo magic Mediterranean touch.

magic mayonnaise: orange

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