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Lentil pasta recipe

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Pasta with lentils

Lentil pasta: healthy, tasty and surprising. A champion of the south, best winter evening company possible. Have it once, and you’ll have it again. If there is any pasta leftover, reheat it the following day – or the other one still – and apart for having your lunch ready, you are in for a new culinary sensation.

Sampolo 246 - Cultori del Gusto

Free advice on the lentil

Lentils come in various forms, colors and shapes. For this recipe you should avoid the decorticated ones. Sicily produces some of the finest variations: Ustica, Vilalba or Leonforte just to name some. The lentil is called ‘lens culinaris’. I rest my case.

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Sampolo 246 - Cultori del Gusto
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