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How do you get the fishy taste out of salmon


That fishy taste

My late friend Antonello hated fish. When his health was getting worse, the doctor told him to eat fish. Which he hated with passion. The doctor and fish.

Antonello went shopping and stumbled on fish sticks. He loved them. The phantasmagoric captain on the packaging became his hero: a man able to get the nasty taste out of fish.

The doctor was not convinced. Too high in sodium and fats. So we developed a new way to prepare fish, leaving it with as little taste possible.

Brine the fillet overnight. Pass the fillet in flour and beaten eggs later. Bread with all the panko, chili pepper and mint. Antonello loved it and the doctor said it was alright, preferring the oven baked over our favorite fried version. Cheers

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how do you get the fishy taste out of salmon

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