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Green pesto genovese

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The ubiquitous green pesto

Pasta with pesto is one of these recipes that has made it. It features on most Italian menus around the globe, right under bolognese and pasta Alfredo. Supermarkets offer a wide variety, most of them claiming to be the only original. The home made version is pretty easy once you get hold of the ingredients.

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Pesto is often made in times of abundance – especially when basil is plenty. Being a rather industrious process and scale is on your side (doubling the dose does not give you any more work), you’ll need to store the remaining pesto. The best way for longer preservation is to freeze portions. Vacuum bags are by far the best solution. If you plan to use it in the days following the preparations, top the sauce of with some olive oil. It prevents the pesto from oxidation and turning black.

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