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Fun with fruit part 3: barbecue

Fun with Fruit Part 3

Pig and apple

Barbecue and fruit have a strong bond. Think about the red apple in the mouth of a roasted piglet. No matter what it symbolises, the combination is unrivalled.

Whereas meat needs cooking, fruit does not. It is therefore a step ahead. You are going to transform ingredients. Banally know as cooking.

This is largely unknown terrain, allowing experimenting. So be a pioneer and fire up.

piglet and apple


the art of barbecue

Roasting over an open fire has it rules. It requires skill and some experience. Especially since one cannot regulate the temperature. A barbecue is usually a social event. Many people means many tastes. Differentiation increases the chance of satisfaction.

When operating a gas fuelled barbecue, more sophisticated preparations may come forth. 

Push a chip of chocolate in a strawberry. While the outside caramelises, the chocolate melts. 

Don't call me steak

Chunks of fruit on the barbecue. Just as steaks, sear the outside, leave them juicy inside.

Pineapple slices, about two centimetre thick. Or watermelon, sliced just a little thinner. Make sure to obtain a little caramel crust. Season with a pinch of salt.

Apples and pears are curvy. Cut them in half and flatten the round side. Just enough not to have them rolling all over your barbecue.

watermelon on the barbecue

Surprise surprise

fruit skewer on the barbecue

Skewer surprise. Meat skewers often feature a combination of raw and burnt. As do veggie skewers. Fruit has no timing issues. As long as you do not burn, it is an achievement. 

Chicken and pineapple, sausage and apple, bacon and peach

Fish goes wonderfully well with oranges. They flavour the fish but are later discardedUse finely sliced lemon to protect meat or fish from excessive heat. The lemon is later binned.

Barbecue bonus

Prepare your dessert while you’re at the barbecue. A peach here, half a banana there. Gather the fruit in a bowl. Let it cool down, cut to the same size and serve.

Food skewers are a valid option. Alternate light and dark coloured fruit. Bear in mind that some fruit change colour through heat. Apples and pears do.

barbecued fruit, fun, with fruit

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