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Fun with fruit part 2: alcohol

fun with fruit part 2

Fruit and drink

Alcohol and fruit. Some drinks go well with fruit. And vice versa. Balancing is not always easy. Especially when working with alcohol.

If anything, let it be fruit to outbalance the drinks. Garnishing a cocktail with a slice of orange doesn’t make it a fruity drink.

But parties will be parties. Make sure you purchase quality drinks and fruit. Keep it safe, pleasant and swinging.

fruit and alcohol seem to like eachother

Fruit in alcohol

cherries sitting in alcohol

Fruit soaked in alcohol is an evergreen recipe. Some pair up for months, others a couple of hours. 

Gin, brandy and bourbon not only conserve the fruit. The interaction is interesting, usually also tasty. Pineapples can sit happy in rum for over a month. Even then they’ll resist separation.

Strawberries or peaches flavour sparkling wine right away. Eat and drink. Peaches in red wine are a respectful dessert.

Spiked juice

All fruit has juice. It is up to you to choose the technique to get it out. Different fruits require different methods. Prepare separate juices, mix them later. That way you can balance sweet and sour better. And avoid awkward coloured drinks. 

Add a pinch of salt to the juice. It amplifies the taste and reduces bitterness.

Champagne and orange juice. Gin and pomegranate . Vodka and apple. Set the mixologist in you free. 

mimosa, sparkling wine and orange juice

Balsamic vinegar

Balsamic vinegar, a bless for fruit and mankind

This sticky liquid is more than just vinegar. It ages for at least 12 years in casks. Over that period a portion of the vinegar evaporates. The so-called ‘angel’s share‘. 

Fermentation leads to alcohol. Which is hardly notable in balsamic vinegar.

Some drops make you and strawberries happy. Other fruits will not complain.

Beware of the imitations. The are often no more than plain wine vinegar with added caramel. 

Fun fermenting

Most fruits can become wine. The containing sugar is transformed in alcohol. Easy peasy. 

Traces of home brewed fruit wine goes back three centuries BC. And it was not just grapes people used to make alcohol.

Tomato wine is a fact. And yes, the tomato is a fruit. Have you tried it? Let us know

People drinking alcohol way back in time

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