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Frolla divina

Frolla Divina

Granny's shortcrust (frolla)

Grannies, we all know, have kitchen secrets. And they don’t easily let go of them. When time is ripe granny choses whom to pass the recipe on to. Usually by showing, by baking. Because these secret are rarely written down. This is how the shortcrust remained in the Licastri family for over 100 years.

Frolla Divina

frolla divinaLatest in the line -forth generation – is Fabio Lincasti. With his start up company he founded Frolla Divina. This small business does what granny did in her kitchen. With the same passion, with the same care and love. “Of all biscuits on the market, none even resembles ours” he states. Balancing modern technology and ancient wisdom is not a sinecure. 

Sweet stuffing

The pastry is worked in exactly the same way it was done a century ago. Very few and extremely balanced ingredients guarantee the required taste. This pastry will case the various fillings. The orange and lemon they use come right from the nearby citrus groves. Groves the characterize Palermo and Sicily. The slight acidity, the sweetness and scent recall Sicily in a delightful way. Also produced by themselves is the delicious fig marmalade. Each filling is the result of a perfect alchemy. This explains why the receipt is a  secret.


Defining Frolla Divina as a mere biscuit would be utterly reductive. The purity of the ingredients and the cure in producing make them into an experience. Dream away, let your senses talk. This is Sicily at its best, this is pure delight. This is how biscuits ought to be, this is a gesture of love.

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