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Flatulence, how to avoid

nice girl and fat boy with flatulence

1. Soak your dried legumes

soak your legumes in order to avoid flatulenceAvoid flatulence by soaking the dried legumes in plain water – tap water is fine al long as it does not contain too much chlorine. Soaking time depends on what legume you are going to prepare. A rule of thumb is to let them soak while you sleep. 

2. Add herbs

beautiful fresh mint can not do but goodRosemary, garlic and mint are often added in order to avoid flatulence. Worst case scenario: herby farts. Nice if you are a student and believe farting is an acceptable and repeatable party trick.

3. Cook your legumes without a lid

cooking your legumes without a lit can reduce flatulenceTough choice here. Apparently cooking legumes without a lid reduces the chance on flatulence too. Cooking your legumes with a lid on allows you to tinker about. No lid means you’ll have to check on your legumes. Burned legumes reek more than anal air.

4. Avoid pressure cooking

don't use a pressure cooker


Very much related to point one and three. No soaking and lid-covered cooking enhances the creation of gasses.

On the other hand it does save you time and energy. Carbon footprint against methane discharge.

5. Avoid milk

milk can cause flatulenceAvoid drinking milk before, during and after eating legumes. Do not use milk or cream in the preparation. Drinking enough water instead seems to mitigate.

Flatulence is a source of endless laughter. If not at the moment of release, surely it will amuse you later. Everybody has a fart-story and if you do not have one, start eating legumes, ignoring the advice above.

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