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Five favorite Italian foods


Favorite Italian foods

Favorite foods: Every day is a feast in Italy. So here we go:

Yesterday I had breakfast with an iris (fried dough with ricotta inside). Two euro, one for the sweet and one for the coffee.

For lunch I picked up pasta from the place right in front of my office. Well worth its 4 euros. (pasta tenerumi e cozze; zucchini leaves and mussels)

Feeling a bit peckish around five; so I had an almond biscuit a client from Agrigento brought to day before. Divine.

For dinner we went to a friends house. She prepared two of my favorite dishes (involtini di pesce spada – swordfish rolls

and, as salad, insalata vastasa -boiled potatoes, beans, tomato, onion and olives, seasoned with olive oil and red wine vinegar.

Every day is a feast in Italy: quora

Buon appetito

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