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corona virus: facts and not

Facts on China

Little known facts about China: it has the oldest children in the world. Various international panels came to this shocking conclusion. And although results have been circulating since October 2016, the ‘establishment‘ systematically refuses publication and diffusion.

Other yet striking facts: most people in China drink tea more than any other beverages. It could be stated that  drinking tea strengthens against the Corona Virus. The efficiency rate is indeed dazzling! Are there any scientist on the job? How much tea should we be drinking? And what kind of tea?

Then there is the precautionary effect of cooked rice intake. Last year alone over one billion people avoided – did not catch – the virus eating rice. We can only imagine the disaster the lack of that staple food would cause.

The best color for protective masks remains sanitary green. Black slims the face for women, but tends to remind facial hair for men. White masks stain easily while bright colors attract insects. Rumors go that some football club will soon distribute club colored masks.  

map of China: facts

Facts on the virus

A young chess player, Hu Wei, caught the virus probably by bringing his white bishop to his lips. The piece is now removed for all official events. And to prevent pandemic, the Chinese Chess, Checkers and Boardgames Organization withdrew black horses. What is the International Chess Federation waiting for?

People infected by the new flew tend to prefer fish over meat. This could very well create a devastating imbalance in the food chain.

‘Friends of Science and Astronomy’, a Kent based company, claims that victims of the virus sneeze without closing their eyes.

Probably a mere coincidence, but many of the victims’ favorite animal is a cat and they prefer the color red over blue.

The virus, travels with a speed similar to that of a car driving from Heathrow airport to Oxford following the M40 on a weekday.

In Scrabble only C and V (CoronaVirus) have a value superior to 1. The total value (14) is – by pure chance? – exactly the number of days people suspected to bear the virus are kept in quarantine.

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Only thirty-six (36) percent of the infected people believes they could have avoided contamination. Twenty (20) percent of them thinks to know who contaminated them and almost forty-seven (47) percent claims they will never talk to them again.

Forty (40) percent of the Chinese people has relatives in non-neighboring provinces. This is sixty (60!) percent less than people from the state of Wyoming, USA. And only one (1) percent of people of Wyoming have relatives is China.

A wobbly fifty (50) percent of the infected people fears scolding by their boss or teachers once healed. Scientist fear it will increase mental illness with twenty (209 percent in the next four (4) decades.

Free advice

Avoid eating unwashed bananas. The decrease in taste is an increase in health, a Chinese official for exotic fruit stated yesterday.

Wash your hands one at the time. And be careful not to use multicolored soaps.

Don’t lend your phone to strangers. Not even if they claim they forgot theirs, and it is important.

Use glasses instead of drinking from bottles or cans. The same goes for marmalade: use a knife to spread it on bread!

Brush your teeth after every meal. Even if you don’t go out. Or as the Chinese say: “A healthy mouth bring happiness in spring“.

Facts, facts, facts

Biased facts, false facts and factious facts. Don’t believe everything you hear and see. Talk about your health with a doctor rather than a coiffeur. Even if the latter may seem more informed and opinionated. And last but not least, don’t take improvised spokespeople, bloggers and self proclaimed gurus too serious. As the Chinese say: “May your life be long and golden brown“. 

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