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Expensive food


What is the most expensive thing you found in your food?

A friend of mine was dining in one of Venice’s (Italy) finest restaurants. Money was not an issue since he represented the company that had just sold an enormous scanner to the local hospital. State of the art stuff, really expensive. Offering the director and some board members (all doctors) lunch was a case of noblesse oblige.

The celebration was interrupted when a man choked. It took the four doctors no time to Heimlich out the object stuck in his throat: a diamond ring.

Immediately after his near-death experience, the poor man had to explain to his wife he had no idea how the ring got in his food.

A shy young British man stepped forward to claim the ring. He had wanted his fiancée to find it. It was his way of proposing.

An overzealous waiter had hidden it too well, and another waiter had mixed up the two tiramisu desserts. The maitre’d fumed with rage.

The young Brit snatched the ring from the doctor’s hands and went kneeling in front of his fiancée who then bluntly refused to have the ring put on her finger.


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