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DIY corona suggestions


Build your own temple

Who invented DIY? As almost everything, it were the ancient Greek. They did not send over craftsmen to build a temple far away from Greece. Instead they sent the pieces and instructions. Very much like a Swedish furniture company does today.

DIY is, and has always been, the second best solution. Once mastered the secrets of a trade, people usually become professional workers.

DIY dentistry

It’s hard to find a dentist when in quarantine. Yet, we strongly advice against home made surgery. DIY dentistry usually leads straight to irreversible damage. 

Oil pulling is a valid option. Measure one spoon of edible vegetal oil. Coconut, sesame or olive for the podium. Swish the oil around for 15 minutes, then spit. Oil pulling helps to remove bacteria and bad breath. It also heals inflamed gums. And since people swishing cannot talk, it guarantees a quiet quarter of an hour.

To do: brushing teeth and eating apples.

To avoid: sugar and using teeth where a tool can be used (opening bottles, cracking nuts)

pulling teeth, not a DIY thing to do
Elvis having his hair cut

DIY hairdressing

Cutting men: there are two valid options. What lays between is likely to end in tragedy. An easy and yet popular cut is the ‘army cut’. Shave your head. If you own a trimmer, trim it. The other valid solution is to let your hair grow. Wash and comb regularly if you are not , nor want to become a rastafarian. That is though the purest DIY thinkable: not doing anything. 

Women usually have some experience with body care and hence hairdressing. Colouring your hair is child’s play. Only one rule to remember: you can only go darker. Cutting is another issue. Avoid drinking alcohol before cutting. Because it takes a lot more to come to acceptance.

DIY around the house

Does your knowledge about electricity ends at on/off? Don’t even think about repairing wiring. Changing a lightbulb? Probably.

Words such as guess, might or reckon should never proceed a planned DIY action. 

Gardening is ok, cutting down that old oak not. Mowing the lawn is fine, changing the lawn in a pond isn’t. 

Painting the walls is a time consuming activity and therefore appropriate theses days. Colour advice? Asylum green.

DIY wiring is not a good idea
DIY potions tend to be harmful

Don't DIY

Home made medication is tricky. One should, or at least try, to separate harmless from potentially dangerous. Cloves for toothaches and yogurt for yeast infections are fine. Home brewed draughts and potions should be avoided. Especially if they contain inedible elements. 

For fun sake

Little or no harm can be done by making music. Play along a base line, sing your heart out. 

As for fashion, what better moment than a sound quarantine? Learn how to knit and sew.

Learning in general is a valid DIY option. Wether it’s languages, yoga or bridge building engineering, all may come in handy for a rainy day

DIY fashion, sew away

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