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Covid-19 vaccine

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1. What if?

What if tomorrow scientists come up with a vaccine. How will it be administered without forming hordes? Will there be a priority list? What principle of priority will be followed and who will set the list? Shall we have to pay directly or indirectly, with future taxes? What if more than one vaccine submerge from the laboratories?

is a vaccine for covid-19 imminent '
alchemy and science are two different branches

2. What if not?

It apparently takes time to come up with a vaccine. Science is not alchemy. And short cuts do not exist. Realistically speaking the vaccine will arrive when the virus is well over its peak. And then again, not science but politics and economics will stand between the virus and immunisation. 

There is no use in producing vaccines that do not work properly. 

3. Vaccine is hope

Untenable curiosity made humans to open Pandora’s vase. Out flew the evils, haunting mankind. Only hope remained sitting in the box. Some scholars say that hope was yet another evil. Hope is what make you inert to action. It withdraws personal intent to make things better, to react. 

Pandora opening her box
existing drugs are not a vaccine for covid-19

4. Home made vaccine

Hopelessly inexact and dangerous is the use existing medicine against covid-19 virus. Scientist warn against the use of these drugs. They  not only take away the medicine from who needs them. Drugs such as the much talked about Chloroquine may lead to heart arrhythmias.

Healthy food and exercise are known to be effective in boosting the immune system. Fresh vegetables, reducing fat and sugar, are scientifically proven remedies. Alas, they don’t come in pill form.

5. Vaccine is not a cure

The covid-19 virus is an extremely serious virus. With no hope for an imminent vaccine, you’ll have to cope with the ravage it causes. Let’s hope the apologetic insalubrious motto ‘you have to die from something’ will no longer be used in the future. 

vices kill, vaccine does not cure

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