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Concours Mondial de Bruxelles


Concours Wine Still Red winners: GOLD

Triumphal march on Brno

The 2020 concours mondial took place in the Czech republic. A lesser know wine region, yet with great history.

The splendid city of Brno hosted the estimated event. And Sicilian wine had a lead part in the show. No less then 72 medals come back to Sicily. Among which 2 gran gold medal, 24 gold medals and 46 silver.

An overall success that underlines the growing importance of Sicilian wine making.

concours de Bruxelles
Sicilian white wine: grillo grapes


Again Nero D’Avola is still a concours favorite. This red wine variety never seems to tire. With 15 golden medals red still dominates.

Noteworthy is the success of grillo among the white wines. More than a surprise that is rather a confirmation. 7 gold medals went to Sicilian whites

What comes as a surprise is the advancing success of organic wine. Sparkling wine continues to confirm its place on the global market.

Concours favorite: G. Milazzo

An extraordinary success for winery Milazzo. They are the only Italian winery to receive two grand gold medal for two different wines.

The Campobello di Licata based azienda won with the sparking Federico II Rex, a classic brut.. The other grand gold medal went to Selezione di Famiglia Bianco Grande Cuvée 2008. They received another seven gold medals. 

The international appreciation is the direct result of excellent wine and hard work.

big winner at the concours de bruxelles
temple in Agrigento

Other medal collectors

Other great performers on the concours are the following wineries.

CVA wines from Canicatti, Agrigento.

Colomba Bianca from Mazara del Vallo, Trapani.

Also from Mazara, Gorghi Tondi

Alessandro di Camporeale, Camporeale, Palermo.

Cantine Ermes, Santa Ninfa, Trapani.

This list is far from exhaustive, with winners from all over Sicily.

Concours: GOLD white wines

gold medal concours international de Bruxelles

Concours: Gold red wines

SILVER whites

silver medal on the international concours de Bruxelles


silver medal on the international concours de Bruxelles

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