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Closed for Covid-19

closed for covid

Sorry we're closed

Sorry we’re closed. It’s over a month now that the coronavirus and the precautions rule our social world. Conversations became virtual, contacts with friends and family happens on line only.

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First to be closed

Food services received a massive blow. They were the first to be closed down, and it seems the last to be reopened. And they’ll have to face fierce limitations. So no return to what we knew.

And when reopened...

When reopened there will be no cozy dining on long tables, no carefree chatting over a good meal. We’ll have to sit at a proper distance for one. The preparation of food will be scrutinised by law makers other than cooks. If not prevailing, caution and prudence will become essential in food services.

Change in market

The market will change. Dishes and cooking in general will return to simplicity. Almost certainly with an increased offer of local products. The change will be notable in a drastic decrease of people eating out. Many businesses will vanish. Especially those who were new in the business.

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Closed for no tourism

Respected and established businesses might suffer less. They can fall back on loyal and loving clients. Much harder it will be for those working with tourism. It may take quite some time before people start travelling again. With the expansion of people working from home, eating out will further decline


Nobody will come out unharmed from the period being closed. Many have falling back on delivery services, painstakingly reinventing their core business.  But it should be clear, alas, that the transit period will be long. No less than two years before the business will be as we knew it before the coronavirus anchored us home.

You can find the Italian article on the following link. It was first publish in the GiornaleVinoCibo on April, 6.

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