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Fill raise and with the wonderful local wines and liquors.

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Grillo Wonderful white wine! An extraordinary variety. The popularity is also due to the fact it withstands the torrid summers. Grillo is the basis for the production of Marsala wine.  Pronounce as: gree low What used to be a bulk product is now highly regarded. Slightly acidic in purity it shows a remarkable freshness and …
Jan Theo
Nero d’Avola Sicily’s best know red wine. The name refers to the town of Avola in the province of Syracuse. Pronounce as: neh-ro ‘ da voh la This wine is the basis for the renowned Cerasuolo di Vittoria. Nero d’Avola is now grown all over Sicily. Hence the diversity of the final product. Nerello Mascalese This grape …
Jan Theo
Curious clouds Forget the curious and fancy glasses. Forget the preposterous garnishing of cocktails. Invest in a good nebuliser instead. Apparently one avoids the calories that come with drinking. Wash the device carefully after cocktailing. Especially if you use the nebuliser to administer medicines later. Do keep those activities separated. Consistent cocktails Most liquids can …
Jan Theo
No morning without cappuccino In Italy cappuccino is a morning drink. If morning ever needs a symbol, it will be a steaming cup of cappuccino. With or without a dusting of cocoa powder. Sugar or not. As long as it comes in the right cup. And not in a foam bucket-like container. Can you prepare …
Sampolo 246 - Cultori del Gusto
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From dusk till dawn

From dusk till dawn

An arbitrary selection of the finest place to stay overnight
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Dig in

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