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Italian Gift from the stars

In this category we share some of the finest creations by our renowned chefs. We hope they are a challenge to those who like to cook. They are not common found recipe, nor are they easy to prepare. The recipes from ‘a gift from the stars’ come from people who dedicate their skill, ambition and existence to please others. Each one of these recipes is highly unique. And yet the stars pass them on to you. So now you may enchant your guests. These masterpieces are on the actual menu of the chef’s restaurant. And the only way to verify your own version…is to drop by. The chef will be happy to surprise you with other masterpieces and maybe even to share those recipes. The list of ingredients may contain local products. Which somehow defines a star restaurant. Using seasonal and local products is more than a fad. In order not to create confusion, we added the original recipe, in Italian. 

The accompanying wines our chosen by no one less than Luigi Salvo. An icon in the Sicilian and Italian world of wines.

Jan Theo
Risotto with capers and coffee Photo credit: Antonio Curti This risotto is on the menu of  ‘Il Bavaglino’ restaurant. What starts off as a classic recipe has the twist in its tail. By adding capers and coffee Giuseppe Costa lifts the dish to a whole new level. A surprising dish with surprising ingredients. A gift from the …
Jan Theo
An interesting fresh dish combining sea and land, shrimp and peach.
Jan Theo
Italian Version Square tortello filled with braised veal, hiding shrimp and featuring porcini mushrooms Photo credit: Antonio Curti A tortello at ‘Il Bavaglino’ restaurant. A complex dish, uniting land and sea. This dish depicts the variety that characterises Sicily very well. The tortello enshrining veal, hides the local fished red shrimp. Which is served raw. …
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