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about the Sicilian soul and the narrator

Food for thought

Twenty odd years of living in Sicily. And although I sometimes forget why I ended up here, I do know why I stayed. Coming from the northern part of Europe, Sicily seemed very exotic indeed. I knew it as an island in the Mediterranean Sea, that when mentioned in the news, somebody got violently killed, or nature spectacularly had displayed its force. Films taught that ruthless killers adored their mothers and eating the food she cooked brought them to tears. In some rare occasion the inner land was portrayed as barren and isolated, little less mysterious than a recently discovered tribe. What was there not to love.

A very interesting new blog that went from nothing to #40. A fresh view on the Italian and especially Sicilian cuisine.

Food for fun

And I had not heard about the food cult yet. Ever since arriving here, I have collected, noted and discussed food. And eaten a great deal of it. Everybody seems to have an opinion, most people present themselves as authorities, very few control the urge to share knowledge, expertise, lore or mere convictions. Never boring, rarely repetitive and sometimes illuminating.


The way things are done is not just a way, an accent, an approach. It is the way things must be done. Others may try but never get any further than a bleak imitation. From driving to dressing, from eating to shopping: there is a way and the way. When it comes to food, the alternatives are pitied more than looked down on. This conviction of superiority is so ubiquitous it has to be told and recounted. Although I recently doubt whether it is a mere conviction or the actual truth.


Living in Sicily is often bewildering. Paradoxes are everywhere and contrasts are constant. Nothing is what it seems, and what seems usually isn’t. Few words say more than a flood, and what counts is what’s not being said. Squalor excels beauty, violence makes normality exceptional. Sicily has no way between, it is extreme by nature. is the condense and filtering of that material gathered over the years. More than the account of an adventure, it is the result of a twenty year lasting love story where the intoxicating ecstasy of love is long over and transformed in acceptance. ‘Twenty years of love is demented love’ J. Brel sings (and nails it). does not have the pretention of telling the truth, neither does it try to. The only reason for being is to entertain and transmit a ray of local sun, a smile, and who knows, add a recipe to your book.


Again, a food blog is what we were all waiting for, right?


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