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A variety of places to spend the night. Elegant, convenient, surprising, enchanting, unforgettable, have your pick and your dreams may start.

Jan Theo

What’s in a name: Porta Maqueda The Italian word ‘Porta’ translates as door. And that sums it up quite well: the door …

Sampolo 246 - Cultori del Gusto
do not disturb More than a Marketplace

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Vini Cassarà - Kilim
Frolla Divina cookies, three categories More than a Marketplace
Vini Cassarà - Sicilian Mastery
proud helmet



People who put heart and soul in what they believe, insisting and resisting, knowing the product is worth while.
Porta maqueda
silhouette of a man eating, wearing a typical Sicilian Coppola

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Dig in

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waiter, please
banner il Sicilano, the best aperitif place in the old town