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Bottarga mousse

Pragmatic recipe
bottarga mousse in all its glory

Bottarga mousse

Bottarga mousse does not just tastes well, it also introduces an interesting conversation. Not all guests know bottarga. You may state that caviar is overrated and bottarga is the new kid in town. This mousse is rather easy to prepare. Getting the right ingredients may result a trifle more demanding.
  • Prep Time 15 Minutes
  • Cook Time 5 Minutes
  • Total Time 15 Minutes
  • Serves 4 People
  • Calories 350 kcal


  • 150 grams of fresh ricotta
  • 60 grams of bottarga
  • 4 spoons of good olive oil
  • zest of half a lemon
  • salt and pepper


  1. Pass the ricotta through a medium fine sift
  2. Grate three quarters of the bottarga
  3. Cut the remaining part of the bottarga up with a knife
  4. Unite the ricotta and bottarga
  5. Add the lemon zest and oil
  6. Season with salt and pepper
  7. Mix until you obtain a mousse


Mousses come and go. But bottarga mousse is a stayer. Not only for its fine taste but also for the rarity. The creaminess of ricotta cheese is unique. And it does not cover tastes as cream does.The best way to serve is on toasted bread, or bread. One may variate on deviled eggs. Though some may utter it is a waste of bottarga.For this bottarga mousse better use the mullet eggs rather than tuna. The latter is hard to grate. And tends to less subtle in taste.And what shall we drink? When served as an aperitif, it comes with the drink. We found negroni cocktail rather matching. Served as starter it calls for a fruity white wine. Or even better a sparking wine. May we recommend a classic method sparkling wine by G. Milazzo? A great price quality choice.

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