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Avoid in Sicily

Sicily landscape

1. Don't be stingy on suncream

don't let the sun burn you in SicilyA soft breeze might bring some relief at the beach, as does a dip in the turquoise water. Sicily at its best. The sun keeps on shining though, and if you are not used – but even then- to the southern Mediterranean climate, rub yourself with suncream. Let someone do it for you is the only way to make it better. Don’t be that bright red foreigner people pity and point at.

2. Ask for cheese in Sicily

Unless you really know what you order needs cheese on it, drop it. People get fuzzy over serving the right cheese for the right dish. Ricotta salata on pasta alla Norma, parmesan on pasta with tomato sauce and so on. No cheese goes on fish or dishes containing fish. You do not want to upset a waiter, do you?

3. Go out in the early afternoon

have a nap instead of going out under the afternoon heat in SicilyFirst of all, afternoon means after lunch when you are in Sicily. And lunch time starts after 1330. With the exception of the beach, where you can stay all day, the rest of the world is going to have a rest. So you will find most places closed and the ones that are open staffed with people who’d rather be resting. In Sicily this time is not wasted, the rest of the day just continues a little longer. Why don’t you lay on the bed for an hour or so?

4. Order cappuccino after dinner

In Sicily cappuccino is ordered in the morning, not after dinnerIt is told that the late Lady Diana, invited in a Sardinian villa, ordered a cappuccino after dinner. Although a chuckle went through the room, she was served as ordered. And all people present joined in. Italians are classy people after all. Cappuccino is a breakfast or at least morning drink. Or that is what Italians say. Avoid asking; you are not Lady Diana.

5. Make inappropriate mafia comments

don't talk unless you want to say something. Especially in Sicily.Sicilians love talking about local politics. And even about mafia. This does not mean they want to discuss this with you though. Nobody is proud nor happy over what happened in the past, and if somebody is, well, then they won’t be sharing with you. Read some books if you are really interested instead of watching glorifying films.

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