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artichokes and heart in the middle

1. Artichokes 'Villanella'

Villanella artichoke, Sicilian Style

A simple yet delicious dish. Since it is very hard to get the recipe wrong, the  ‘Villanella’ preparation is loved by all. The few ingredients are ready available in most Sicilian homes. This dish can be eaten as starter, second course and even – especially I’d say – to conclude a meal. Tearing of the outer leaves and biting out the fleshy part, working your way to the heart, is both satisfying and relaxing. Recipe for artichokes alla villanella

2. Tapped artichokes

The top, the cap (tappo) seals the artichoke and keeps the taste trapped inside the lovely vegetable. The presence of eggs somehow explains the importance the dish had in the past. Eggs or meat were Sunday ingredients. The tomato sauce the artichoke boiled in becomes the condiment for pasta, while the vegetable is served as main dish. Recipe for carciofi col tappo

Artichoke with a lid, col tappo
artichoke cream, pate

3. Artichoke cream

There is only one rule: clean your artichokes well. Even the smallest quantity of fiber ruins all the hard work. The paste is versatile: wonderful on pasta, delicious on toast, a triumph in a pie. Don’t forget it is all about the artichoke. Think twice before adding ingredients. Recipe for patè di carciofi

4. BBQ

This preparation is so fast it can be done on the spot. You don’t even have to worry the outer leaves burn. Usually the artichokes are last in line, since they do not need great heat to cook. Add the digestive properties and happy vegetarians, and you have yourself a winner.

artichoke on the bbq, a feast
carpaccio di carciofi, artichoke carpaccio

5. Carpaccio of artichokes

This is probably the purest way to savor artichokes. Finely sliced, seasoned with a drizzle of olive oil, a squeeze of lemon and salt. Some add chips of cheese, which does make it festive. But also tend to cast a slight shadow on the vegetable. Whether eaten as starter, salad of side dish, artichoke carpaccio never lets you down. Recipe for carpaccio di carciofi

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