Savouring the complex sicilian soul through food

Sicilian is more than a geographical adjective, it is a way of living, a way of being. It is a feeling of superiority, it is a defence, it is a menace. guides you along savours and smells, barren mountains and incomprehensible squalor, immense beauty, joyous people, leaving no one indifferent.

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Pragmatic recipe

Insalata Pantesca

Pantesca pazzesca Pantesca as in coming from Pantelleria, an island between Sicily and North Africa. Though surrounded by water – as it goes with islands – this recipe does not contain fish. People from Pantelleria prefer farming over fishing. They produce an excellent passito wine. Capers and oregano grow profusely. Farmland is walled to protect […]

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Nero Di Seppia

Nero Nero is the Italian word for black. And usually black is not the color you want your food to

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Sicilian egg dishes

Better an egg today than… Better an egg today than a hen tomorrow. Specially in dire times. Eggs are probably

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Cheesy nibbles

Easy cheesy Cheesy as in containing loads of cheese. Though having cheese with marmalade, jam or honey as an aperitif

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Mother Minestra The mere name minestra is quite interesting. It derives from the verb ministrare. To minister, or to administer

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Soft drinks

Soft Spuma Spuma is an old Italian soft drink. Don’t get fooled by the name, which translates as foam, froth. It is carbonated water mixed with mainly sugar and some

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G. Milazzo world top sparkling wine The 2020 world championship confirms what we already knew. G. Milazzo makes a top sparkling wine. They stand their ground in eminent company. International

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Some history None other than Aphrodite created oregano. The goddess of sexual love and beauty planted it in her garden

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Panza Pot belly

The Mediterranean diet Panza translates as potbelly. And how do you end up with a potbelly while on a Mediterranean

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Mick Jagger in Palermo

Mick Jagger Mick Jagger visited Palermo last Sunday. The last day before traveling between municipalities was suspended. Because as you

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QB Quanto Basta

The pedant’s purgatory QB is well known to those who ever followed an Italian recipe. Two letters that outrage many,

Pane e cipudda
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What’s in a name?

1. Cazzilli: name a bodypart The name cazzilli is very straightforward. Little pricks, because that is what they look like. The rest of the world calls them croquette. And prudish

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1. Garlic and oil: under rated Well under ten minutes to prepare one of Italy’s most iconic dishes. Prepared by penniless students after midnight, renewed chefs in fancy restaurants and