Savouring the complex sicilian soul through food

Sicilian is more than a geographical adjective, it is a way of living, a way of being. It is a feeling of superiority, it is a defence, it is a menace. guides you along savours and smells, barren mountains and incomprehensible squalor, immense beauty, joyous people, leaving no one indifferent.

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Pragmatic recipe

Aeolian Pasta 2.0

Aeolian Pasta Serving Aeolian pasta is like bringing sun to the table. An easy dish with allure. And an ideal way to use those capers and olives sitting in your fridge. We bring you a deluxe version. With fresh tuna and saffron. Prep Time 10 Minutes Cook Time 20 Minutes Total Time 30 Minutes Serves […]

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Royal Dishes

Cleopatra’s pearl Royal wit. It all started with a bet. Between Cleopatra and Marc Anthony on hosting the most expensive

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Cherry tomato sauce

Small is beautiful Cherry tomato is a relative recent phenomenon in Italy. And in Sicily very recent. The Pachino area

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Some history Bruschetta has very humble origins. From 1650 on, Italian peasants upgraded old bread with tomato. The tomatoes were

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Zucchine Genovesi

(Quite) some history Zucchine Genovesi, aka Cucurbita pepo. This lovely vegetable originates in South America. Spanish mercantile ships brought them

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The Game The absolute star of our Easter Monday wine game was Susucaru. Last year I had the pleasure of meeting its maker, Frank Cornellisen. The game is easy. The

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Frank Cornelissen

Sicily photo Frank Cornelissen?! That doesn’t sound very Sicilian. How wrong can one be. Sicilian is by definition a mix. An intense exchange of DNA, ideas and culture is

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Coronation Chicken

Poulet Reine Elizabeth Coronation chicken or Poulet Reine Elizabeth is back in the spotlight. Constance Spry and Rosemary Hume created

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Italian measures in the kitchen

Precision Italian kitchen measures are troublesome. Not as the measures themselves, but in use. The QB principle often dictates the

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Agrodolce |Sweet Sour Sicily

Agrodolce: a Sicilian treat Agrodolce is not an exclusive Sicilian treat. But it is surely on of its cornerstones. Though

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Enjoy your stay

Let’s get lost Enjoy your stay. Knowing where you are is the opposite of traveling. Dedicate at least half a

Pane e cipudda
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Il Gattopardo

Or Burt Lancaster Il Gattopardo, The Leopard turns 60. Visconti’s film based on the homonymous book is now a classic. But as it goes, it didn’t go off without a

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Lettuce improvise

Pasta Lettuce improvise with pasta. What you basically do is make a pesto. Crush and grind lettuce, oil, garlic and some pine nuts. Cheese and basil are more than welcome,