Savouring the complex sicilian soul through food

Sicilian is more than a geographical adjective, it is a way of living, a way of being. It is a feeling of superiority, it is a defence, it is a menace. guides you along savours and smells, barren mountains and incomprehensible squalor, immense beauty, joyous people, leaving no one indifferent.

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Last in Line

Pragmatic recipe

Asparagus cream and bottarga Tagliatelle with asparagus cream and bottarga is a mare and monti varient. The Italian dish where sea and land are united. The usual choice goes to shellfish or mollusks. This dish requires bottarga, dried tuna eggs. Instead of the routine porcini mushrooms it features asparagus. Made in cream. Don’t let the […]

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Mare e monti, Italy

Not Surf and Turf Mare e monti is not exactly the same as Surf and turf. In common they have

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Fried tomatoes

Tomatoes It’s fried tomato time. The more mature examples transform in tomato sauce or soup. The firmer ones become salads

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Paglia e fieno pasta

Ruminent pasta Paglia e fieno translates as straw and hay. And although you don’t need to be a ruminant, it

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Not a looker Monkfish is not the prettiest amongst fish. A huge head, slimy skin and beady eyes. Reason why

vendemmia 2021

A long harvest The Sicilian wine harvest, la vendemmia, started. Due to the hot summer, a week earlier than last year. A winery near Palermo picked the first bunch as soon

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Soft drinks

Soft Spuma Spuma is an old Italian soft drink. Don’t get fooled by the name, which translates as foam, froth. It is carbonated water mixed with mainly sugar and some

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Surf and Turf USA

No so original origins The origin of Surf and Turf dates back to the nineteen sixties. In the United states.

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Parking in Palermo

In the beginning there was chaos Many cities struggle with the parking problem. With the demand for parking overwhelmingly outnumbering

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Some history None other than Aphrodite created oregano. The goddess of sexual love and beauty planted it in her garden

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Panza Pot belly

The Mediterranean diet Panza translates as potbelly. And how do you end up with a potbelly while on a Mediterranean

Pane e cipudda
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1. What’s in a name There is no oil in rosolio. The name, as it goes, derives from Latin. Ros Solis, sun dew. You may remember the word ros from

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Ice cream etiquette

1. What when and how? Ice-cream is exquisite. What a pity it isn’t illegal. Voltaire‘s words, not ours. Ice cream is timeless. You can serve -and especially eat- it at