Savouring the complex sicilian soul through food

Sicilian is more than a geographical adjective, it is a way of living, a way of being. It is a feeling of superiority, it is a defence, it is a menace. guides you along savours and smells, barren mountains and incomprehensible squalor, immense beauty, joyous people, leaving no one indifferent.

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Pragmatic recipe

Ice Tomatoes

Ice tomatoes Ice tomatoes are a Chinese invention. But allegedly so is pasta. And that has settled pretty solidly in Italy. Once you get over the idea that tomatoes don’t have to be savory, this is a great dish. Prep Time 15 Minutes Cook Time 30 Minutes Total Time 45 Minutes Serves 4 People Calories […]

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Some history Bruschetta has very humble origins. From 1650 on, Italian peasants upgraded old bread with tomato.  The tomatoes were

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Zucchine Genovesi

(Quite) some history Zucchine Genovesi, aka Cucurbita pepo. This lovely vegetable originates in South America. Spanish mercantile ships brought them

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Sponge What is street food sfincione? Is it a pizza? bread? lunch? Is it healthy? As it goes with popular

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What’s in a name? Stracciatella translates as little rags. And this applies to the three different preparations the name refers

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The Game The absolute star of our Easter Monday wine game was Susucaru. Last year I had the pleasure of meeting its maker, Frank Cornellisen. The game is easy. The

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Frank Cornelissen

Sicily photo Frank Cornelissen?! That doesn’t sound very Sicilian. How wrong can one be. Sicilian is by definition a mix. An intense exchange of DNA, ideas and culture is

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Enjoy your stay

Let’s get lost Enjoy your stay. Knowing where you are is the opposite of traveling. Dedicate at least half a

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Easter lambs in Sicily

Origins Lambs and Easter are indissolubly linked. It is all about Jesus being the Lamb of God. In the Christian

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Acqua pazza | Crazy water

Origins August 6 is the national Acqua Pazza day. Crazy water day. That is how dear this preparation is to

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When to eat what in Sicily

Welcome to Sicily When and what to eat in Sicily is a serious question. The culinary experience is far too

Pane e cipudda
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Sweet Tomatoes

Philosophy What is wrong with sweet tomatoes? A modern adagio says that knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit. And wisdom is not putting them in a fruit

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Sicilian Rice Dishes

1. Arancina Arancino When talking about Sicilian rice dishes, one starts with arancine. Or arancini. Female in Palermo, male in Catania. One of the silliest feuds in history. Boil rice