Savouring the complex sicilian soul through food

Sicilian is more than a geographical adjective, it is a way of living, a way of being. It is a feeling of superiority, it is a defence, it is a menace. guides you along savours and smells, barren mountains and incomprehensible squalor, immense beauty, joyous people, leaving no one indifferent.

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Last in Line

Pragmatic recipe

Sausage delight This interesting recipe was passed on by our dear friend Vittoria. It is indeed a dish that amazes guests and pleases the family. Much rather than settling for the first salsiccia you find, make it yourself. Good sausage should be pure pork. And contain fennel seeds. So here we go; thanks again Vic! […]

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Salsiccia Sicilian Style

Raw material Salsiccia is a pork product. The lean meat comes from shoulder, loin and tight. Pancetta – bacon –

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Groovy anchovy

Extremely anchovy Not everybody thinks anchovy is groovy. People around Turin instead do. Their local dish, bagna cauda contains a

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Anelletti – little rings The ultimate pasta for this dish are anelletti. Probably invented during the Arab occupation, it is

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Two step pasta

Pasta al pomodoro Two step pasta starts with pasta al pomodoro. This is by far the most common Italian pasta

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Soft drinks

Soft Spuma Spuma is an old Italian soft drink. Don’t get fooled by the name, which translates as foam, froth. It is carbonated water mixed with mainly sugar and some

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G. Milazzo world top sparkling wine The 2020 world championship confirms what we already knew. G. Milazzo makes a top sparkling wine. They stand their ground in eminent company. International

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Trattoria in Palermo

1. What is a trattoria There is quite some confusion over what a trattoria actually is. Well, it’s not a

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The new oil has arrived

Good news New oil is a joy. Olives transforming in green gold. Very few agricultural procedures are as immediate. Olives

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Palermo worst city in Italy

European City Survey What city is the cleanest or the safest? In which city is it easy to find a

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Rest In Peace

Arrest No peace for Cosimo De Roberto. The former director of Palermo’s cemeteries. He is charged with corruption and abusing

Pane e cipudda
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The coffee conundrum

1. The Italian bar The conundrum of what and how to order in a bar is typical Italian. Mainly because a bar is not what is seems. Sure you may

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Mandorle almonds

1. Mandorle amare, bitter almonds Mandorle amare, bitter almonds are a forbidden fruit. By law. Sale is illegal in the USA and strictly regulated in Europe. The reason? The presence